Planning for a Just Transition

Out-Growing Capitalism


For transformative ideas to take root, there must be a plan for a plan that makes the goals explicitly known. This serves 3 main functions

  1. A roadmap for organizers to measure their progress against
  2. A starting place for the education of the newly radicalized/activated
  3. A common program shared between radicals of diverse organizations dedicated to realizing different components of this vision

This is especially crucial to the success of long-term revolutionary organizing which seeks to alter society at the institutional and cultural level (instead of only focusing on immediate reforms, campaigns or insurrections)

The Jackson-Kush Plan

The best current example of this today is the Jackson-Kush plan, developed over a decade or more through the intensive study of the Malcom X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) for the bioregion centered around Jackson, Mississippi. From this plan, numerous organizations have been developed, leading to a more advanced/matured arena of political struggle for liberation…

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