What is housing for?

Housing is the thing that is on everyone’s mind lately.

“Will I be able to stay in my house? What if the landlord raises the rent or finds a reason to evict us?”
“What if my mortgage goes bad or I can’t pay? What if the police/local business owners decide to evict my tent camp or van?”
“Where will we go? What will we do?”

The reason for this anxiety and confusion is because our society has two contradicting ideas of what housing should be for:

The first is as a place to live. Shelter and warmth. A place to feel safe, raise your family and call home.

And the second is as an investment. A way to make money. A commodity. Something to flip, buy, sell, rent, speculate on and develop.

These two ideas about housing cannot coexist without creating misery and insecurity for the majority of people.

We think houses should be for living in, and freely available to all.

If you need help standing up to the people who believe in housing as a commodity you should contact Olympia Solidarity Network and start talking to your neighbors about fighting back.

To quote from a popular young adult fantasy series: “neither can live while the other survives”. The contradiction must resolve itself if we are to have peace and stability in our lives.

Which side are you on?

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