Friday May 17th: College Court Phone Zap

On May 2nd, Olympia Solidarity Network (OlySol) launched a campaign with tenants at College Court Apartments. Tenants and OlySol are calling upon College Court owner and manager, Junryo Miyashita, to meet demands for a rent freeze, professionally and timely executed repairs, a commitment to follow Washington state tenant privacy laws and affordable and functional laundry facilities. We encourage supporters to extend solidarity to the campaign by participating in a phone zap against College Court.




Please Call:




(Use script for all numbers above)

Phone Script:


“Hello Junryo Miyashita and College Court Apartments. It has come to my attention that tenants at College Court routinely experience exorbitant rent hikes, delayed and poorly executed repairs, harassment and invasions of privacy on your behalf. This behavior violates numerous landlord-tenant laws in Washington state and defies the basic ethical principle that tenants ought to be afforded decent and livable housing. To rectify this situation, please meet the clear demands of your tenants and the Olympia Solidarity Network: a 2 year rent freeze, improved laundry services at lower cost, adherence to privacy laws and the hiring of professional labor to execute all further repairs.”

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