Ecology & Food Systems General Assembly

Assembling for environmental justice

On April 19th 2020, Olympia Assembly will be hosting a Spring Assembly, focused on ecology and food systems. The assembly will occur at 5:00 at Mixx96 (119 Washington St. NE). Our general assemblies occur once per season (winter, spring, summer and fall) and are a place for community members to come together to discuss social, political and economic issues facing Olympia and actions that we can take to address them. According to Kali Akuno of Cooperation Jackson, a People’s Assembly is “first and foremost a mass gathering of people organized and assembled to address essential social issues and/or questions pertinent to the community.”

We chose the topic of this upcoming assembly because we recognize the importance of connecting ecological action to social issues and local action to global problems.
In an era in which climate change poses an existential threat to humanity, non-human life, and the biosphere, it is more important than ever that we find ways of building resilient communities in harmony with ecosystems we are connected to and embedded within. We need to build a mass movement capable of fighting back against a ruling class dedicated to endless extraction and colonial expansion at the expense of all other life on earth. We also need to build soil, provide free high quality food to people, and engage with nature in a mutualistic way.

We hope that through this assembly we can bring together groups and individuals across Olympia and surrounding areas to create space for common dialogue, brainstorming, and problem-solving. Participants will be able to present the ecological work they are already doing, find areas for collaboration and coalition building, and get community feedback on potential new projects to take on.

One group involved with this upcoming assembly are the Vangardeners, a radical gardening collective and partner organization of Olympia Assembly. The Vangardeners are starting a mass chestnut planting project and are also involved in ongoing gardens, gardening skillshares, and ecological restoration projects. Other groups interested in participating should reach out to us at