Adolescence: How to improve your relationship with your teenage child?

Parents today have a lot of trouble communicating with their teenage child. This can be a source of stress for them and make them feel like they are not doing their job.

Adolescence, a period of crisis for children

Adolescence is a difficult period for parents as well as for the adolescents themselves.
Indeed, adolescence is a period of rupture with a previous state of balance: childhood. As a result, the teenager has to face many changes on both the psychological and physical levels.
The teenager discovers a whole new world and new possibilities. He has new intellectual interests. This implies a change in their relationships with everyone.
How do you maintain your relationship with your child in the midst of adolescence?

1- Listen actively

As a teenager, your child needs attention and to know that you are listening. So take the trouble to listen to him until the end without interrupting him when he talks to you.

2- Be open to questions

Answering your teen's questions is not trivial.

As this is a period of rupture with childhood, the teenager will be confronted with new situations and new concerns. Answering questions clearly and truthfully will strengthen your parent-child bond.
Don't be surprised by the topics they want to discuss. Prepare ahead of time for the topics he or she might bring up. Work on topics such as: dating, first sexual encounter, first job, alcohol, drugs...

3- Show your unconditional love

It is important to show your child that you love him and that you are proud of him. Even if he seems to be indifferent to your gestures, he appreciates them very much.

4- Respect his privacy and trust him.

Don't give your child the impression that he is constantly being watched or that you don't trust him.
A teenager who feels a lack of trust from his parents will withdraw into himself and lose sight of the valuable advice you have given him.
On the other hand, a teenager who feels that you trust him will not do anything to undermine the trust you have placed in him. They will not disappoint you and will be more responsive to your advice.
As Isaac Assimov said, "What teenagers lack is neither intelligence nor the ability to reason, it is simply experience”.