Neymar Jr, from child prodigy to cursed child?

If you are a soccer lover, then you surely remember this famous 03 August 2017. No? Yet this is the day when the

most expensive transfer in the history of soccer was made. No, it is not that of Messi let alone Ronaldo but Neymar, a star now international and adored by almost the whole world. Transferred from FC Barcelona to Paris-Saint-Germain (PSG) for 222 million euros, what about today what was called the coup du siècle.

Yes, the coup du siècle, because a few months before his transfer, Neymar was the main architect of the new word introduced in the soccer jargon "the remontada" inflicted by Barça on Paris-Saint-Germain during what was one of the worst nights of the French club. A nice revenge for the latter but would it be on the other hand the descent into hell for Neymar?

He arrived to give a new dimension to the Parisian club, but above all to make it pass a milestone in the greatest of competitions, the Champions League. Unfortunately, since almost 4 years after his arrival, it is clear that the objective does not seem to have been reached yet. Beyond the club, it is the sporting dimension of the player who seems to have taken a blow. If he was considered as the undisputed successor of Lionel Messi at Barça, Neymar seems today to have lost his status of 3rd best player in the world behind the two great behemoths that are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo because of the numerous injuries and extra-sporting problems that he

has been subjected to in recent years.

Indeed, during the year 2019, the Brazilian star has seen his name involved in a story of rape although it seems to have been acquitted afterwards. But beyond the covers of people's magazines, it is his lifestyle that is much talked about recently with we know his barely hidden love for the party.

Some people think that this love is for something in his multiple injuries that make him miss several games like the round robin against his former team in the 8th final of the Champions League. Many are to say that this choice of career for the Brazilian was not the right one but all are unanimous on the fact the planetary star has everything to become the best player in the world.