Guide to recruiting Chinese students

In China, many students prefer to study abroad for many reasons. Most of these cases are wealthy students. That is, middle-class consumers are increasing the rate of foreign study. In this text, we will discuss the solutions that foreign schools can use to recruit Chinese students.

The situation of foreign studies in China

The Chinese people are considered the largest foreign study market in the entire world. Indeed, more than one million students are pursuing their studies abroad despite the ravages of covid 19. You can look at this site for more information. This provides a great opportunity for foreign schools, universities and study institutions. As a result, the class of Chinese with foreign degrees is growing steadily. That is a percentage of 42% according to yi school analysis.

The recruiting countries for Chinese students

It will come as no surprise if we find that after years that half of Chinese students are enrolled in US schools. However, this year, multiple students have decided to pursue their studies in other states. This lowers the total number of Chinese students enrolled in the US. To be precise, only one third of the students enrol. So what about the others? With racism in America due to the coronavirus, Chinese parents are sending their offspring to Australia, Japan, Canada and the UK. So these are the countries that are the study destination for young Chinese. We also have the European countries, Sweden, France and Germany.

How to carry out the recruitment of Chinese students

In China, high quality studies are preferred especially with the one-child policy. This is precisely what keeps increasing the study abroad. For foreign schools or institutions, it is important that they increase their visibility in order to recruit enough Chinese students. But how can they do this? This is a legitimate question for them to ask themselves. In reality, recruiting Chinese students is usually done online. It all depends on how the school is presented on the internet. Therefore, schools must have a Chinese website where everything is detailed about their schools. Secondly, their website should be optimised for search engines.