How to boost your website on Google?

If you have just obtained your website, know that it is the beginning of a feat allowing you to benefit from opportunities. However, you need to boost your website in order to increase its visibility. Thus, you will need to optimize it. Here are some SEO basics applicable on your website to ensure it is better optimized.

Be sure of the SEO of the title

For your website, it is important that you optimise the titles of each of the web pages. To do this, the titles should be succinct to not only meet the needs of the web users, but also the SEO elements on Google. You can look at here for more information. Also, make sure the title is no longer than 70 characters.

Be sure to optimise the main link

. This is the URL link that redirects users to your web page. In reality, you need to optimise it. To do this, the link should be perfectly related to the main title. It should give an overview of what the site itself is about.

Take care of the meta description

Here, we are talking about taking care of the small description that is visible in the various search engines. This description is just below the title and should not exceed 300 characters. It should be written in such a way as to encourage the reader to click on your link.

Be sure to use keywords

For your website, the main keyword on each page should appear every 100 words. It is still recommended to have it appear in the first sentence, the last sentence and in one of the subheadings of the text.

Be careful about the choice of format for visuals

For the optimization of your web content, it is important that you insert images, videos, gifts, etc. These are actually elements that can help you generate traffic. These are the basics of SEO for optimising your website. However, you should know that this list is exhaustive.