OMG How far will medicine go?

For more than a decade, the world has been in the grip of constant change. Nothing today resembles the world of 50 or even 100 years ago. Transportation has evolved, populations have evolved and above all, technology has evolved. It is thanks to the development of the latter that the world is what it is today. Its evolution has influenced many fields, in this case the health field where everything seems to take a more than surreal dimension.

Medicine today

Medicine as we knew it more than ten years ago has nothing to do with the one we are dealing with today. From classical medicine, we have moved on to over-equipped medicine which today is assisted by what is called "artificial intelligence". It is thanks to the latter that several surgical interventions are now possible. Today we can perform operations that in the past seemed impossible. As an example, we have one of the vaccines recently developed against the coronavirus that has the ability to modify our Messenger RNA... It's crazy. And as if that were not enough, today we have the possibility of substituting a defective or handicapped limb thanks to what is called "prostheses". With all these innovations, we have the right to wonder...

What next?

How far will medicine go? It's hard to say, but what is certain is that we still have a lot to see. Several scientists are promising us even more edifying innovations and especially cures for diseases that were previously considered incurable. Among the craziest ones to be imagined is the possibility, in a few years, of being able to communicate thanks to our brain. It is not me who says it but the scientists. Imagine a world where we would no longer need to open our mouths to Of course, this brings us back to moral questions concerning, among other things, the freedom of expression. But we are not there yet. Whatever happens, it is clear that medicine has more than one trick up its sleeve.