Top 5 mine games

Mine games are casino mini-games that you can play and experience the best or the worst thrills. It is very simple to play, but requires concentration. Available in many forms, it is best to bet on the best ones. In this article, we will tell you about the best mine games that you can find on secure and reliable sites.

The spribe mine

This is a spribe game which is the mines online game made by the developer of aviator. To make it, he took the basic principle of the mine game, but with a clearer design while keeping the useful features. The grid of this game is five by five. However, when it comes to the number of mines, you have a choice between one and twenty. Keep in mind that the higher the number of mines, the higher your winnings. When opening a square, the choice is yours to stop or continue until the mine-free squares end. The particularity is that there is a function that allows you to open the squares in a random way or to play in automatic. To play this game, you need a minimum stake of twenty euros. Spribe has also created a soccer version called goal spribe. You have the chance to choose the size of the field: large, small or medium, including the number of mines. The game consists of advancing with the ball, being careful not to run into mines. As you move forward, your winnings also advance. You also need a minimum of twenty euros to bet

Lucky Yuanbao

This mine game has been enjoying great popularity lately. To play it, you have to open boxes being careful not to fall on mines. Every time you open a box without a mine, your bet is multiplied, on the other hand if it is the opposite, you lose. With this in mind, you need to know how to stop. Compared to the first one here, you need at least ten euros before you can bet. Also, there is chicken mystake which is a casino game with a very innovative design. It is an improved version of the main game, but this time the chickens are hidden behind the bells. It's the same principle as the others. Every time you come across the chickens, it means a win, and vice versa. Here too, you need an average of ten euros to play a game.


Developed by evoplay it is a slightly more complete version with its modular board. This particularity is what differentiates it from others. Before starting the game, you will choose the number of mines and squares. The principle remains the same whether you want to win or lose. With ten euros, you can start a game and double the stake as you go along. There is the mine stake which is a mine game specific to the stake site. Through the site, you have the opportunity to make deposits in crypto currencies, litecoin, bitcoin, ethereum, etc. It should be noted that this is not possible with the others. It is possible to play automatically using a specific feature. Here you can choose the number of mines, but not the squares. It is very easy to earn enough money with this game. Like the very first game, it also takes an average of twenty dollars to play. 

Here are the best mine games you can find.